Little Bird Sideboard

Little Bird Sideboard

This was a lovely customer commission. To update their own sideboard with one of my Image Transfers. She chose Little Teapot from the Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots Range. A lovely bright light blue. Inside was going to be Buttermilk Cream with a bird transfer on one of the doors.

First the prep. This has wax all over it .... you can tell by sanding a little. If dust comes off easily you have no wax, if you sand and there is little or no dust and clogs of grime on the sandpaper you know you have wax. You can remove it using white spirit and wire wool or Colron Wax remover... just apply the remover with wire wool. Let it sit for a few mins till you see the wax begin to soften then wipe off with a clean rag. I usually do this twice all over to be sure. Let it dry then you can give a light sand and clean off the dust. Now you can paint!

Fusion Mineral Paint doesn't need a primer if you prep like this but I felt like this could be a bleeder (tannins coming from the wood and bleeding through your lovely paint finish causing blotches and patches...So I primed it with Zinsser BIN primer. This makes sure bleeding does not happen.

I did 3 coats of the little teapot after this and gently distressed the edges. Fusion gets tougher the longer you let it cure so distress as soon as you can after painting or you will need to work really hard getting that paint off!!! You can apply a layer of wax around the edges before hand to make distressing easier if you prefer...

Now for the transfer. I used the same method I posted Here

all finished and super cute

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