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Transfer Gel / image medium Tutorial

Start by painting your piece however you like. In this case I took an old wheelback chair and painted it in Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint Eulalie's Sky as the base colour and Marzipan as the top colour. I used Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax as the resist between the layers to give a 2 tone vintage feel to the piece. If your paint is a chalk or milk paint that need sealing do 2 coats of clear varnish before doing the transfer. If using Fusion Mineral Paint you can skip this step.

Here it is all painted and sanded smooth.

Next you need to size and print your image. You can also use magazine images or wrapping paper also works well. If printing your own, you should make the print on a laser printer. If you don't have one any print shop will do it for you. First of all get your image I the position you want it. Print it off the right way round and cut it out. Place it where you'd like it to appear on the piece. Use tape to mark the edges where you want to place it then remove this print. ( I do this as its hard to see if its straight or centred when its face down on the piece.) Now print the image again, this time in mirror form. Apply the Fusion Transfer gel all over the area making sure you have covered the whole area and beyond where the image will go and also apply a coat to the printed side. Brush it out evenly so you know you have good coverage.

Place you print face down onto the Gel and use a brayer or soft cloth to flatten the image and make sure no air bubbles remain. Once you are happy its well adhered leave it to dry for 8-12 hours. 

Once you are sure everything is dry get a cotton cloth and dampen it. Press it into the print until you can see the image underneath coming through .

Gently start rubbing the dampened paper with your finger or the cloth. Start gently and remove the top layer. Let it dry and repeat, you will need to keep doing this until no white remains. Don't worry if some of the image comes away in places this adds to the vintage feel of things.


Again leave it to dry then you can do 2 coats of varnish on top to seal it all in. 



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