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Mismatched dining chairs available for painting and reupholstery

Mismatched dining chairs available for painting and reupholstery   Ornate Carver - 1 available Art school x 2 available Ornate dark wood 2 available Country 1 available Carved back 2 available Ornate white 1 available  High x 1 available green Queen Anne 1 available   Retro - 2 available Plaid - 1 available slatted - 1 available artdeco - 1 available Ornate - 1 available deco - 1 available Oak - 3 available Decostyle 1 available

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Painting a Vinyl chair with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting Vinyl leather and fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint Oh yes you can!!!! and it will still feel like leather. I picked these chairs up in a job lot at auction recently. There were 2 of them and I took a while to warm to them but knowing I could paint them I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Fusion can be painted directly onto leather, vinyl and fabric so it was simple to prep these Just a good scrub clean and a light sand on the wooden parts. I was in two minds about going dark or light but finally went for Sterling. Its a beautiful soft grey that pairs with anything!!    I wanted the studs...

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