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Children's Rush seat chairs available for commission

Rush seat 1 (new chair)  x 10 available 50cm high height to seat is 27cm width is 30cm and depth is 25cm   Rush seat 4 34 cm wide X 29cm deep X 57cm high X 24cm high to seat  Rush seat 2 x 10 available Diameter (in cm): 26 Height (in cm): 49Seat height (cm): 23Length (in cm): 30 rush seat 3  50cm tall by 29cm wide by 24cm deep      

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Painting a Vinyl chair with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting Vinyl leather and fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint Oh yes you can!!!! and it will still feel like leather. I picked these chairs up in a job lot at auction recently. There were 2 of them and I took a while to warm to them but knowing I could paint them I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Fusion can be painted directly onto leather, vinyl and fabric so it was simple to prep these Just a good scrub clean and a light sand on the wooden parts. I was in two minds about going dark or light but finally went for Sterling. Its a beautiful soft grey that pairs with anything!!    I wanted the studs...

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Little Bird Sideboard

This was a lovely customer commission. To update their own sideboard with one of my Image Transfers. She chose Little Teapot from the Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots Range. A lovely bright light blue. Inside was going to be Buttermilk Cream with a bird transfer on one of the doors. First the prep. This has wax all over it .... you can tell by sanding a little. If dust comes off easily you have no wax, if you sand and there is little or no dust and clogs of grime on the sandpaper you know you have wax. You can remove it using white spirit and wire wool or Colron Wax remover... just apply the remover with wire wool....

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