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Vintage Circus Girl Chest of Drawers

Vintage Circus Girl Chest of Drawers I have to say this has been one of my favourite pieces to do ever!!! So much fun I love when clients want something a little different. I was tasked with creating a piece for a child's bedroom with a circus theme and she loved this image...Normally I would decoupage something this big but increasingly I have been using a transfer method which creates a totally painted on look which I much prefer. You can also distress it which I love as well. I found this mid century piece which fitted the theme perfectly on Ebay from a local seller. It was perfect and the handles were so lovely as well. Once I had...

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Chest of Drawers for a French Farmhouse

I have a lovely little shop opposite where mine is called The Real Deal in Finnieston and I am always picking up pieces from them. Its too hard not to when I can see all their lovelies from my window!!  As soon as I saw this chest I knew it would scrub up lovely! Once I had wheeled it across the road I knew I was right. No repairs necessary on this one. It sat on my to do list for a while and then I was contacted by a woman who needed furniture for her beautiful French holiday home. She wanted a romantic rose covered look and this chest was perfect for it. I chose Miss Mustard Seed Milk...

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Chippy Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Cabinet

I picked up this beautiful old cabinet from one of my vintage hunting grounds the other week. It was actually lovely and I was in two minds about painting it… sometimes things are fine as they are, but it was for me and was going to sit on top of a dark wood chest of drawers so I felt a contrast would be good. Inside the wood was worn to perfection and I removed the old curtain to reveal the lovely glass front. I’ve kept the fabric, it washed fine and I will use it on something else.. I never waste anything if possible !! I wanted a Swedish Blue so I mixed up my own blend of Miss Mustard...

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