Painting a Vinyl chair with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting a Vinyl chair with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting Vinyl leather and fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint

Oh yes you can!!!! and it will still feel like leather. I picked these chairs up in a job lot at auction recently. There were 2 of them and I took a while to warm to them but knowing I could paint them I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

Fusion can be painted directly onto leather, vinyl and fabric so it was simple to prep these Just a good scrub clean and a light sand on the wooden parts.

I was in two minds about going dark or light but finally went for Sterling. Its a beautiful soft grey that pairs with anything!! 


I wanted the studs and legs and leather to show a bit of their original colour when I sanded  them so I rubbed some wax over then edges in places before painting. This acts as a resist and allows you to distress fusion easily. Its such a tough paint that if you leave it too long before distressing it can be really hard work! I left to to dry for 4 hours which is the recommended time although I have cheated and done it sooner in the past with no problems but better to be safe than sorry.

I applied the second coat and let it become touch dry then I sanded back the studs and the chair legs on the edges where I had applied the wax previously.

Next I felt it looked a little plain so i decided to add a grain sack stripe

I masked off the lines using blue painters table and painted using Fusion's Homestead Blue.

Once dry you can wax all over but the vinyl still felt really soft so I didn't feel it was necessary.

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