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Sandi Hands - Cotton Glove

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Sandi Hands - The handy glove that sands

Introducing Sandi Hands the glove that makes sanding easy and protects your hands.

White cotton glove with 2 replacement grits in 80 & 120. (in both left & right, men's & women's)

Women's size fits hand of 16cm long or smaller

This product is a complete game changer .


  1. Keeps you hands dust free .
  2. Easy to sand hard to reach places and fine details.
  3. Fantastic add on for workshops
  4. Excellent for distressing
  5. Sanding a table leg takes seconds.
  6. Makes prep work a breeze.
  7. No more slipping from your hand.
  8. More protection, more comfort, more flexibility for intricate work.
  9. All wet and dry sandpaper , just wash and reuse for longer life .
  10. Perfect gift idea.