Vintage Circus Girl Chest of Drawers

Vintage Circus Girl Chest of Drawers

I have to say this has been one of my favourite pieces to do ever!!! So much fun I love when clients want something a little different. I was tasked with creating a piece for a child's bedroom with a circus theme and she loved this image...Normally I would decoupage something this big but increasingly I have been using a transfer method which creates a totally painted on look which I much prefer. You can also distress it which I love as well.

I found this mid century piece which fitted the theme perfectly on Ebay from a local seller. It was perfect and the handles were so lovely as well.

Once I had it, I gave it a good clean with sugar soap and  rinsed it all off. Once dry I scuff sanded it all over with 220 grit sandpaper and cleaned off the dust. She had chosen Fusion Mineral Paint's Little Whale a lovely soft grey blue for the outside and a pop of colour with Little Star a sunny yellow for inside the drawers. I did 3 coats of each leaving about 2 hours between coats and then lightly distressed the edges to give  it a vintage feel. 

To do a transfer of this size you need a high resolution large file size otherwise when you blow it up it will be blurry. I first printed this on an A3 laser printer but it looked too small on the piece. I went to a printing shop and got them to print it split over 2 sheets of A3. If you are going to try this its a good idea to have 1 set of prints the right way round so you can position and mark where the image will be on the piece, and 1 set in reverse which will be you transfer set. ( I use masking tape around the outline of the image so you know where to place the reversed one).
Once happy with the layout and you have masked around the edges you can remove your print. Cut carefully around the edge of the reversed transfer set leaving as little white paper as possible. Apply Fusion Mineral Paint Transfer Gel to the piece and also to the inked side of your print. Place the print face down ink side to painted surface using the masking tape as a guide. Because this print was in 2 pieces I made sure the join was on one of the edges of the drawers so you wouldn't see a line.
Smooth out air bubbles. I use a soft cloth to gently rub the image and make sure it has adhered to the furniture well then eave it to dry overnight or longer if you can.

Once it is dry take a damp cloth and moisten the white paper. use a soft sponge or you finger to roll off the white paper and the gel will have transferred the ink onto the piece of furniture. Do this all over once very gently and let it dry again. Repeat as necessary, I did it 2 more times until all the white had gone . Be aware you will lose little bits of the image in this process but this just adds to the vintage feel which is why I love it!. Distress it further if you wish with very fine sandpaper. Apply a sealant like Fusion Tough Coat and there you have it!


Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale and Little Star

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The Graphics Fairy is a great source of vintage images you can use for free!

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