- Ocean Finance Deck Chair Upcycle Competition Entry

Ocean Finance Deck Chair Upcycle Competition Entry


I was asked to enter this competition run by Ocean Finance the point being to highlight ways to save money by upcycling everyday items. I was provided with a plain linen deck chair and a voucher for Hobbycraft to buy everything I would need to complete the project! What's not to love? As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to do.

What I used


First I painted the frame in Fusion Mineral Paint in a soft green called Inglenook to echo the garden. Fusion paint can be used indoors or out and as the deck chair frame was raw wood there was no prep necessary, I just went ahead and painted. 2 coats and it was done.


Then I set about finding the perfect botanical illustration to cover the fabric seat with and I found this. Gorgeous!!

I made the backgound white using photoshop then printed it out on a laser printer on A3 paper.

I then applied some Golden Gel Medium to the print and fabric I then pressed it flat into the fabric and left it to dry. Once dry I dampened the paper and rolled away the white parts leaving the print on the fabric.

Here it is all finished quick and easy and ready for a Scottish Summer ..... 

I will need to do a set of these I have lots more lovlely prints and Fusion colours to use.


Thanks to Ocean Finance for providing the chair and the voucher 



  • David Worsley

    Hi could you please tell me how you do that type of transfer from a print as I would like to give that a go as it looks stunning.
    Many thanks Dave

  • Williamoa

    Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic forum.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing. Woessner

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